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Artists of Criola Beach Festival 2014!

Enjoy this amazing adventure!

International Singers


Elji Beatzkilla is a rapper from Cape Verde actually living in the US. He is already well known for bringing fresh sounds to Zouk and Kizomba mixing it with R&B and Rap on his label RAÇAMAU. The single of his new mixtape shows it perfectly. The drums and rhythms of Zouk/Kizomba are heavy on this one and opens space for the voice of Elji on his unique style , rapping in Cape Verdean Creole mixing it with Engllish. The Dubstep bass works very good, is subtle but dirty and gives the power the song needs


Angolan musician and songwriter Kôndua Dias Martins "Konde" started his carrer 15 years ago, launched albums "Sina", "Minhas Mágoas (my pains)", among others, becoming internationally known by such hits as "Ouví Falar" "Nesse Som", "Dês Bes", "Teu Nome", "Ta Maluco", "Esconde Esconde" feat Hugo Pina, and the most famous song "Negra".

International Instructors and Performers

Albir Rojas & Carola Tauler Angola

Albir Rojas, the worldwide recognized dancer, teacher and choreographer, was born in Panama. His passion for dance began at the age of 14. After graduating from college with an accounting degree and starting working in that field, he finally decided that dance was what he wanted to do full time. At the age of 21 he decided to travel to Madrid, Spain to study filmmaking, and began teaching dance there. After completing a diploma in Film Direction, he continued to dance, teach and perform. He became interested in the world of sound and completed a Sound Technician course, followed by a specialization in the recording studio. Albir has been teaching hip hop, Latin dance and African dance for many years, was the pioneer of introducing kizomba in Spain. During 5 years he has worked with Sara Lopez at numerous events and conferences in all parts of the world including Europe, Russia, America, Australia, Asia, etc.. Since 2013 Albir works with his new dance partner, dancer and actress Carola Tauler. Carola Tauler born in Madrid, she began her studies in classical dance with only 3 years at school "Africa Guzman" with the teacher M ª Europa Guzman, acquired in 96 the title of the Royal Conservatory of Classical Dance (Madrid) and the Royal Academy of Dancing (London). She completed her training with classes in contemporary, modern jazz, hip hop and Latin rhythms in Madrid and Florence (Italy). She has taken part in musicals like "Grease", "Dirty dancing", "Flash dance", "Cassiopeia" Viva la resistencia"and "Los 40 el musical ", during 8 years she belonged to the ballet group of the TV program" Noche Sensacional ". She also participated as a soloist in the opera "La Traviata" with the Symphony Orchestra of Kiev. Currently part of the cast of the television series "Dreamland" and teaches nationally and internationally kizomba with Albir Rojas.

Bruno Sousa & Melitta SiomosPortugal

Bruno Sousa (the younger brother of Ricardo Sousa) was the 1st winner on the international kizomba competition “Africadançar” together with Mafalda Amado in 2008. Bruno has been dancing together with Patrícia since 2009. Members of Afrolatin Connection Dance Company with a wide experience as dancers and teachers, they have performed and taught at many salsa / kizomba congresses and festivals, public and private events, nationally and internationally: in Portugal, Spain, Poland, UK, France, etc.

Hernury Jamba & Adorée Johnson AngolaCzech Republic

Jamba began his artistic career in Elumbu, a small community theater group from Luanda, where he also worked as a Human Right activist. He moved to Prague, Czech Republic in 2001 to continue his studies in Experimental Media. He started dancing and teaching in 2002 and since then has worked with different dance groups like BaToCu, African Ballet Company and Tradicion Dance Group, where he works at the present moment as a dancer and choreographer. Jamba is the cofounder of Kizomba.CZ Dance Group and one of the main promoters of Kizomba and other Afro Latin dances in Czech Republic and Europe. Lily has always been active and devoted to her passions such as swimming, horse riding, skiing and dancing. She began her teaching career in Salsa Dance School in Prague. In 2007, she became a dancer and teacher of Tradicion Dance Group. She founded the Kizomba.CZ Dance Group with her dance partner, Jamba, in 2010 and started organizing artistic events in the whole Czech Republic and abroad. Kizomba.CZ Team in cooperation with Familia de La Salsa Dance School is one of the first and main promoters of Kizomba in Dubai.

Manuel dos Santos & Flavie Merise AngolaHaiti

Manuel Antonio Eduardo Dos Santos, also known as Dr. Kizomba, was born and raised in Angola and has been dancing Kizomba, among other African rhythms such as Semba, Kuduro, and Rebita (known as the Angolan Rueda), since he can first remember. When he was 13 he began dancing Salsa, as well as hip-hop, Capoeira, and Latin Ballroom. He has even trained in Salsa under his mentor, Gabriel "Matanza" Mambi. His tenacious dedication to the art form has made him an outstanding, world-renowned performer. He has performed on stages worldwide including Tokyo, Japan; Milan, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Hamilton, Bermuda; and in several other American and Canadian cities. In 2010, Manuel realized one of his dreams and established a dance company in Montreal, Canada known as Kizomba Canada, the first dance school offering Kizomba lessons in North America. At Kizomba Canada, dancing is a form of expression, an art, a passion, and a lifestyle. Flavie Merise was born in Haiti and moved to Montreal, Canada when she was 4 years old. Growing up, she played sports, achieved a black belt in karate, and was a competitive cheerleader for two years, winning the Quebec provincial competition with her college team, Vikings de Maisonnueve. In September 2012, Flavie joined Kizomba Canada and began dancing Kizomba with Manuel. She became very passionate about the dance, dedicating all of her free time to practicing, and was able to learn how to lead just as well as she can follow her partner. After she was a student for only a short time, Manuel asked Flavie to be his dance partner, and they have been working together ever since.

Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora Angola

Paulo, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher of traditional African and urban Dances, as well as Angolan partner dance, since 2002. Together with Lana makes part of the traditional African dance group Ballet Traditional Kilandukilu, as a dancer, instructor and choreographer. He has participated in numerous congresses, events and shows in several countries, has performed in Morocco, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Angola, Hungary, among others. He also participated in various music videos Angolan artists (Bonga, Dog Murras, Yuri da Cunha and Maya Cool) and several TV programs. Lana Zamora, just like Paulo, is Kilandukilu Traditional Ballet dancer and participant of Weza African dance group, along with Paulo has managed to conquer the audience with their energy and style.

Victor Sousa & Coralie Vives PortugalSpain

Teacher, dancer and promoter of Kizomba since 2007 , Portuguese by origin, Victor is internationally recognized for his dedication and quality of his way of teaching, focusing on the searching for harmony between technique as a tool for the expression of feeling, the connection and musical performance.

Yanis & Lara AngolaSpain

Yanis ( Carlos Soares Francisco ) : born in Angola, resident in Spain with over 10 years experience as a choreographer, teacher and professional dancer in several dance styles such as Kizomba, Semba, afro-house, traditional afro, contemporary afro, hip-hop, popular recreational kuduro etc. .. Yanis has participated in several professional musicals, dance groups and companies, traveling to various countries in Europe, Africa and America. 2005 he was the dancer of the internationally famous Angolan singer Bonga and participated in his video clip entitled "Mayorais ". In 2014 was consecrated as a champion of Spain in the style of kizomba (AfricaDançar) with Lara, his dance partner, in the same year represented Spain in the world kizomba championship AfricaDançar, thus becoming the second winners. Lara (Lara Laura De La Calle) of Spanish nationality and Afro Brazilian spirit, at 18 years of age began in what is now her profession, teacher and professional dancer of Brazilian Folklore, beginning her professional work with touring Top 40 throughout Spain, representing the Brazilian culture from the root, opening the carnival for 50,000 people with Carlinhos Brown and imparting lessons of different styles. Since 2013 Lara becoming the dance couple of Yanis in the project of kizomba, she focused her training into such styles as Kizomba, Semba, tribal, afro - contemporary and other African styles. Together they teach and perform nationally and internationally. After becoming the Spanish champions of kizomba in the national knock-out, both represented Spain in the world kizomba championship AfricAdançar in Milan 2014, where they took the second place.

International DJ's


Dj Carlos King, Portuguese with Mozambique origins, is one of the most internationally recognized DJs of african music, with almost 10 years of carrer, playing in the top international kizomba events all over the world.


His love for music started at a young age. In his teen years, Marco Rookie learned to play the guitar, having developed his technique at a music school, and improved his skills in several local bands between continuous jam sessions with his friends. Some years later, his passion for African music arose, and with it also the opportunity to premiere in EDSAE’s World Salsa Congress (Portugal) and other events. Since years he has been working for several event producers/promoters and clubs in Portugal, Spain and France. Furthermore he has played in major African music/dance festivals held in Portugal and Spain, such as Keta, Afrofever, Sensual Dance, Like, Feeling, Open Spain…He is currently Resident DJ at the Barrio Latino Club, performing every Thursday, with his own signature “Hot Kizomba Night “, considered since 2011 one of the top African music nights. His excellent track record as a DJ, is mostly due to his unbreakable urge to evolve himself professionally, through dedication and hard work, and last but not least, due to the unconditional support he receives from his friends and family – “They, as much as my music, will never be forgotten, Love you all!!!! “


Russelius Ernestius was born in Angola and plays since 2000. He moved to Portugal in 2005 where he continued he’s career as a DJ. The last few years he lives in Poland where already earned the dancers & djs respect with his own style and amazing flow.


Sergio Banderas is one of the most considerate DJs of African rhythms in Lisbon, co-organizer and resident DJ of the famous River Parties, known not only in Lisbon, but also internationally. He has participated in several congresses and African and latin dance events in Portugal and Spain, including SensualDance Madrid, Criola Beach Festival Alicante, LIKE Festival, ÁfricaDançar, etc.